NYAS has a specialist legal family service able to undertake work on behalf of children and young people.

NYAS can be appointed to act as the Children’s Guardian for a child or children. This is called separate representation and is usually carried out by CAFCASS. The court is allowed to ask NYAS to represent you and this is called a Rule 16.4 appointment. NYAS is independent and work to give you a voice in the proceedings that is separate from your parents. You will be given your own solicitor and they will work with a caseworker to make sure that the court have your wishes and feelings but also to make a recommendation about what is in your best interests.

How else NYAS family legal team can help with you:

  • Do you have brothers or sisters that you don’t get to see but you would like to see them?
  • Sometimes you could feel that the Local Authority is “getting it wrong” and you might need help getting all the help and services you need and have a right to.
  • Maybe you or your partner is due to have a baby and the Local Authority are involved.

If in doubt please just ask us – we are here to help you get the right advice.

NYAS Legal team also works to support our helpline and other services and will always ensure that you are signposted to the right legal service if we are unable to help. This might be because you have an issue with benefits, housing, education, compensation for injury and we think it is really important that you get the best advice from a specialist lawyer if we cannot help you.

If you have any questions or feel that NYAS legal may be able to help you please speak to our helpline or to your NYAS worker.