What is my care plan?

Every young person in care must have a care plan.

When you go into care you will have a care plan which will tell everybody what needs to be done and who should do it. This makes sure that everybody knows who is responsible for caring for you. You can have a copy of your care plan and if you don’t agree with what it says you can speak to your social worker or carer and tell them what you think.

Your care plan should say:

  • Why you are in care
  • If there is a care order for you
  • How long you will be in care for
  • People who are important to you that you should still keep in touch with (family/ friends)
  • Who will make sure everything is ok at school
  • Who will make sure you can see a doctor if you are unwell
  • When your reviews will be

You will have the opportunity to talk about your care plan at your case review meeting (looked after children meeting) with an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) – See Case Reviews/LAC Review section.