When you first go into care the LA would like to do an assessment of your health needs (to see if have any health concerns)  You have the right to refuse this assessment as long as you understand enough to make this decision.

The person doing the assessment has to be a health professional and would usually be a doctor or a nurse. The reason for the assessment is to check whether you have missed anything in the past that might affect your health.

The assessment has to be done

Before you are placed by the Local Authority. If this is not possible before you have your first review.

After the first one is completed you will then have one every six months before your 5th birthday and then at least every 12 months after your 5th birthday.

If appropriate and where possible your parents must be given the opportunity to be involved with your health assessment

The health professional must write a report after the assessment which must include –

  • How well you are now and what your health has been like in the past
  • Any medical checks such as for your hearing or with the dentist or optician
  • Any injections you’ve had to prevent diseases. For example for preventing measles
  • Any other help you’ve had to promote your health and personal care such as exercise and any changes that are planned for your health care.

A copy of this report will be given to you, depending on your age and understanding, parents and carers where appropriate and your named Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO).