What is a Case Review or Looked After Child Review?

A review is a kind of meeting that takes place within 20 days of when you go into care. After this it takes place 3 months later, then every 6 months. It should take place where you would prefer. This could be at your home or at your social workers office, to talk about how you’re getting on where you live, School /College, how contact with family is going? Are you happy with the care you’re receiving where you live?

Do I have to attend?

You don’t have to attend, an Advocate can attend on your behalf, but if you go it gives you the chance to say if you’re not happy about decisions made about you. Also your IRO will meet with you before the meeting to talk to you about:

  • if you’re happy with the care you get
  • is there anything you’re not happy about?
  • your wishes and feelings for now and in the future

What is an independent reviewing officer (IRO)?

An IRO is someone who is independent and they make sure Children and Young people in Care are happy and receiving the support they need and help them plan for the future. This is called a care plan which will be discussed at the review, and the people who work with you or care for you will be able to plan in your care plan what needs to be done to support you.

The IRO will call the meeting and should ask you who you would like to invite. The IRO can request an Advocate –if you want one, to share your wishes and feelings and if your unhappy with anything, if you don’t like speaking up in front of other people. You can meet your Advocate before the meeting.