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310, 2016

The Age of Leaving Care

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Hello fellow bloggers and readers, boy do I have a lively topic to discuss today.

So, in my local authority we have something called the Children in Care Council (CICC) which […]

1708, 2015

Education and Being in Care

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When I was younger I missed most of my primary school years because my mum never took me to school.

I was 9 when I came in to care and this […]

1707, 2015

Saving Bees

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I want to help save bees because they are dying out.

People don’t realise but we need them to help us grow fruit and vegetables. It also affects over things we […]

907, 2015

My Unusual Apprenticeship

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I finished my GCSE’s in June 2014. I did go to six form but it wasn’t right for me so I left in December 2014. I thought I would benefit […]

407, 2015

Being an Independent Visitor

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I wanted to join the independent visitor groups as soon as my advocate told me about it. I wanted to do it because I love working with kids and I […]

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