Mental Health & Looked After Children

Mental Health & Looked After Children

Young people in foster care or leaving care go through a lot of stress in their lives from day one. For some young people, it’s more stressful than others but everyone at some point will go through a stressful point in their lives and this can have a massive impact. As young people, this can cause long term and short term mental health problems – in fact LAC (looked after children) have a higher rate of mental health than non-looked after children (LAC are some of the most vulnerable young people in society) also 72% of LAC have an emotional or behavioral problem so this means they might struggle with their behavior and emotions which might not only effect their placements but their education as well…

My Personal Experience

I have been a LAC since I was 10 years old.

I have had 12 different foster placements altogether including residential units. My placements haven’t worked out because of my behavioral issues due to going into care.

The stress I went through was horrible and I then had to go to a anger management school to help with this. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with depression and was medicated for it and now I am on track to recovery. I will never not have depression but what I can do is control it. Depression is like a dog of darkness all you need to do is get a leash on it then you can control it instead of it controlling you and stopping you from doing as you wish. I’m now at the point of recovery where I can do as I please and I don’t let my depression stop me from reaching for the stars and I always urge people to not let depression stop them from doing anything they want!

You can do anything you set your mind to!

I am now training to get into the Royal Navy. My depression will not stop me as it’s my dream, don’t let it stop you. You are beautiful!

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