Our Digital Ambassadors Views on the General Election

Our Digital Ambassadors Views on the General Election

With the results of the general election coming in today, we asked some of our digital ambassadors to give us their thoughts on what the priorities for the new government should be.

Here’s what they had to say.

“They need to pull their heads out and think about what they are doing to the young people.

They need to be more concerned about Children and Young People with mental health issues because at the moment it doesn’t seem like there’s enough mental health services or funding causing long waiting lists for mental health organisations. 

They shouldn’t change the health service and it should stay free as people that are on minimum wage or benefits might not be able to afford to pay for treatment. 

They need to stop thinking about the future and try to make the country a better place NOW.

Politicians need to realise what they intend to do now will affect the young society more in the future.”

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