Paul’s Story (Independent Visitor)

Paul’s Story (Independent Visitor)

Paul is a young man who is now 15 years old. He has been matched to his IV for two years. When he was matched to his IV Paul had recently moved into a new placement, he had been excluded from mainstream education due to his behavior. Paul had a very low self-esteem, he became angry and aggressive when communicating with people, and he displayed agitation through his body language as he could not relax.

Paul has a keen interest in cars and has spoken to his IV on several occasions on how he would like to learn to drive when he is old enough. When Paul and his IV heard of the additional positive activities funding they knew exactly what they would like to do. They discussed and researched driving experiences.

Paul’s IV said:

As arranged many weeks back, Paul had decided he would like to drive an Audi R8 and had been looking forward to this experience and from what I gathered he told everybody even his teachers and he said they were all jealous. Finally the day arrived, I had picked Paul up and we went for some lunch before driving to the race circuit.

On the way I asked about school and he said he is doing really well; he is attending all of his lessons and is preparing for his mock GCSE’s. After a long drive we arrived, and straight away he jumped out of the car and he were saying “listen to those engines”.

We were early so we watched all of the sports cars go around the track and you could see he could not wait to drive the Audi. After watching the cars we signed in and attended a safety lesson so we knew what you had to do whilst driving the cars, Paul listened and the smirk on his face was getting bigger.

When the lesson finished Paul jumped in an Alfa Romeo and he was shown the track so he knew what it looked like when he was driving. Paul’s smile was non-removable he could not keep still, he got into the Audi and was shown the pedals and when he was ready he did a huge rev and he was off for 10 miles.

Paul did an excellent job driving and reached speeds of up to 65mph. After driving Paul received his certificate and had a few pictures and we returned home.

This is what Paul had to say, “Thanks for today, it has been brilliant I can’t believe I have driven an Audi R8 and I can’t wait to show everyone”. Overall the day was fantastic and Paul’s smile was huge all the way home.

It has been agreed by the Local Authority for Paul to attend a school ski-ing trip in Italy early next year which Paul continues to look forward to. Paul suggested to his IV he would like to develop his skills and confidence before the trip.

Paul has continued to develop in many areas of his life, despite a further move of care placement over the two year period. A major achievement for him was returning to full time education where he is now doing very well.

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