A Child Protection Conferences are meetings held when there are concerns about a child or young person who is living at home.

Initial Child Protection Conference

An Initial child protection conference is held when there are concerns that you may be at risk of significant harm. This will be after an investigation has taken place which is called a Section 47 Investigation.

The aim of the Conference is to decide if you are at risk of harm and what plans can be put in place to protect you and to support your family.

A group of people are chosen at the Conference to form the Core Group. Members of this group meet more often to check that the Child Protection Plan is working to help you.

A decision will be made at the conference as to whether you are at risk of harm and if so under what category of abuse – Physical, Emotional, Neglect or Sexual abuse.

Core Group

10 days after the Child Protection Conference the smaller meeting – the Core Group takes place to work out how your protection plan is going to be put in place and to make sure everyone is aware of their role within the plan.

Review Child Protection Conferences

Within 3 months of the Initial Child Protection Conference a Review Conference must be held to decide whether or not you are still at risk of harm. If it is decided that a Child Protection Plan needs to continue to keep you safe, core groups will continue and the next Review Conference will take place 6 months later.