What are they?

Regulation 44 visits are when an Independent Person visits a children’s residential home on a monthly basis. It is the job of the Reg 44 Visitor to write a report that talks about how the home is being run. They have to check that the children are being kept safe and how well their wellbeing is being promoted. This means that they need to check that the rules that children’s homes have to follow (The Children’s Homes Regulations) are being done.  This includes making sure that the wishes and feelings of the children in the home are being listened to and that there are meetings happening in the home for them to have their say.

How do they happen?

The Reg 44 visitor does not have to say if they are visiting and may come “unannounced” they will look at the files of the children who live in the home – they will need to check they have your permission to do this. They will also need to check that they have your social worker’s permission.

The visitor will also look around the home to check that it is a safe place to live and that there are fire alarms and extinguishers in place. They will also make sure it is decorated well and that the children and young people have comfortable bedrooms and places to relax.

The visitor will also ask to speak to the children and young people, on their own if they want, to find out if they are happy living in the home and the things that are written in their files are happening.