If you have “gone missing” from Care you have the right to talk to someone independent (who is not your carer or social worker) on your return.

It’s a chance for you to talk to someone who is outside of your care, family or friends. This could be a worker from NYAS or another organisation – depending on where you live.

  • We want to listen to your reasons for going missing and to check if you were safe
  • We can talk about keeping safe and may put you in touch with other services who can help you

What will happen?

  • Within 3 days of you coming back, we will offer to meet you at a time and place that suits you
  • We will listen to you, take you seriously and treat you with respect
  • We will ask you about why you ran away and what you did when you were missing
  • We will also ask you what you think will help you not to run away and what will help you keep safe in the future
  • We will write a report about our conversation
  • This report will outline the risks you face when you go missing. So, those who care for you, hear what you have to say. This will help them to keep you safe in the future
  • If you go missing again, we will offer you the same interviewer, but you can also ask for a different person if you want

Children and young people have told us that it can really help to have someone independent to talk to about why they run away.

If you don’t want to have a Return Interview, that’s fine. We will always offer you the opportunity to come back to us if you change your mind.