Sara’s Story (Independent Visitor)

Sara’s Story (Independent Visitor)

“Sara is 15 years old. She was matched to her IV nearly 3 years ago. Sara struggled to form positive relations and friendships due to her emotional and anger issues she was experiencing at this difficult time in her life. She has been matched with her Independent Visitor (IV) for nearly 3 years. Sara has recently become a mother. Her IV supported her through her pregnancy and continues to provide support, advice and reassurance to her in her new role as a mother.

In February Sara who was pregnant at the time asked if she could travel to see Phantom of the Opera. Sara had always wanted to see this particular show. Her IV liaised with the Independent Visitor Volunteer Coordinator to arrange the trip. Sara and her IV travelled by train and spent some time sight-seeing, then went for an evening meal before attending the evening performance.  This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the additional funding that you have provided.  On behalf of Sara – thank you so much.”

Sara said:

“She helped to develop my confidence, to be able to speak my mind regards to my placement. I can talk to my IV knowing she will only pass on information if she has any concerns/worries. I like how my IV isn’t anything to do with Social Services and she is here to support me and not to judge”

“Phantom of the opera is my favourite film/show. But before the visit I’d only ever seen it on DVD. For years I’d seen the show advertise, but never had the money or someone to go with me. When I found out about the funding I immediately said to my IV let’s go see the show and luckily she liked the film too.”

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