The Age of Leaving Care

The Age of Leaving Care

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, boy do I have a lively topic to discuss today.

So, in my local authority we have something called the Children in Care Council (CICC) which is a council made up of a few young LAC (Looked After Children) from the ages of 7-18. The CICC listens to the views of other LAC and we then take these views to senior managers and discuss what changes we would like to see.

The latest campaign the CICC has been working on is the age at which an LAC moves from children’s social services to the leaving care team.

At the moment, the age for this transition is 16 so young people will have a post-16 LAC review. Here they will meet what is called a Leaving Care Team Worker who’s kind of like a social worker but from a different team.

A leaving care team worker is there to support you to be more independent and also instead of your foster carers being paid an allowance for you, you’ll start to receive this yourself so you have to budget this money to buy your own things such as toiletries etc.

Also at this age you can request for your own flat from the leaving care team which is what I did. What I and many young people tend not to realise when getting your own flat is just how hard it is to run your own life, pay bills, do food shops etc. It’s not easy and most of us including myself feel that we aren’t ready for this but it was too late, so now I know from personal experience how easy it is to get in debt with your bills.

This is why the CICC is campaigning to have the age raised from 16 to 18 as it’ll give the leaving care team more time to get to know the young person and teach them budgeting skills.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

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