The Heather Bulpett Award 2015

The Heather Bulpett Award 2015

Following the tragic and sudden death of Heather Bulpett in April 2013, it was decided to commemorate her, and her commitment to children and young people, through the establishment of an annual award of £500. This is to be awarded to a child or young person in care, or who is a care leaver. Because of Heather’s passions, it was felt that the award should have an educational focus.

In order for a young person to be eligible to win the award, the following criteria must be met:

  • Be for a young person in England and Wales who has had contact with NYAS in the previous year
  • Be for something which will support and encourage the young person’s education (e.g. for equipment)
  • Have a preference for supporting education in the arts (theatre, drama, English), although other areas of education will be considered
  • Have a lower age range of 16

Last year saw the first winner of the award – Calum.

When asked how it felt to receive the award – Calum stated that he felt receiving the Heather Bulpett Award had “a really positive impact – it meant that I could do work at home more efficiently and it gave me more freedom about what I could do” This has enabled Calum to complete his BTEC in Media Production and he is now finishing his Diploma in it as well. Calum hopes to go to Cardiff University in September to study Events Management. He would like to become an Events Manager in the future.

Calum was very happy and enjoyed attending the event last year and said that he “felt like a celebrity”

This year was the second year the award was presented at the NYAS Annual Conference and it was with great pleasure that we were able to say A MASSIVEcongratulations to Vicky who won the 2015 Heather Bulpett Award.

Vicky, who accepted the award via video link said “I’m really happy to win the award and will be spending the money on doing a psychology course and buying an art easel.”

Vicky was very deserving of this award and we hope it helps her achieve her goals.

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