Mental Health and Being In Care

Mental Health and Being In Care

Too many people involved, My mind’s doing overtime! Who, What, When, Where, Why? Who knows! When you open the door next who is going to be stood there?! Nobody knows…

An adult worker, social worker, CAMHS? The mystery unfolds…

Not many people understand mental health or what it is like “being in care’ let me tell you…

Meetings after meetings, new faces all the time, LAC reviews, you name it! And the dreaded time your social worker has to come and check you room! You quickly run up the stairs as fast as you can to shove things in your wardrobe! Haha funny right?

We all know those times! Our rooms are always spotless! Can’t kid a kidda!

As to everything, there is good and bad points to a situation! BUT! There is always a solution! Being taken from your family isn’t such a bad thing after all, even though you may not see that at the time! Who would?! Let’s look at it this way….

Whatever the circumstances are surrounding the reason why you need to be taken into care it’s obviously a very serious matter, why else would social services be taking that action?! Care isn’t as bad as people make out because you have been taken out of a bad situation into a loving and caring foster home or residential home! Here, you are cared for in the best possible way. You get everything you need and more! They all care and here to protect young people!

Being removed from your family can be tough sometimes…people deal with stress and worries in different ways! Everyone is individual and every case is different!

People think mental health is a “taboo” subject, why avoid it? Its apart of life and it happens a lot! Some time or another in your life you WILL come into contact with mental health and anyone that says they haven’t or won’t is telling some porky pies! NO ONE can predict the future!

Mental health covers a range of illnesses but unfortunately they all fall under the one title and it’s doesn’t help that there’s a massive stigma around it all!

Don’t put a downer on mental health; it’s a good thing when people recognise this, the sooner the better I think!

Be HAPPY! After a cloudy day there is always a ray of sunshine! 🙂

If you need help or just a little advice – The NYAS Helpline provides a free single point of access to all NYAS services.

The Helpline is open 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm Saturdays excluding Bank Holidays and can be used through one of the following access points:

Freephone helpline – 0808 808 1001
Email –

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